Shopping Center Improvements

We have installed new lighting, new roofing, and updated the signage with new LED displays to improve services to our tenants. Seasonal landscaping updates help bring even more traffic to the area.

Responsive Property Management
With over 20 years experience in property management, our team is available whenever you need help. We are committed to your long-term success, and maintain close connection with our tenants.

Constant Updates
We continue to improve the shopping center, with new lighting, new roofing, signage updates and landscaping.

Call today for a tour: (918)747-2678 or Contact Us for details.

What our tenants say:
“I enjoy the continuous personal service. Anytime I have a problem with the weather or any kooky thing that shows up, they can take care of it.
“I have a business that is mainly female-based, and we are here late at night. They have taken that into consideration, cutting tree branches, and adding more lights in the parking lot so people feel nice and safe walking back to their cars.
“In spring and fall, they’re out there putting foliage and flowers out. So it’s more appealing so people who want to walk around and enjoy our beautiful community at Mayfair.”
– Ashley, owner of A Memory to Scrap

“It has been a real pleasure to deal with the Mayfair Shopping Center. It’s not unusual to find one of the owners themselves on the premises working on one thing or another. They are a very hands-on group.
“Anytime we’ve had a problem they have been very fast and courteous to respond, usually within one hour. Whether it’s a heat/AC problem or plowing snow in the parking lot, they are always on top of things.
“In every instance they have been gracious, always seeking to find solutions that benefit us and improve the center.”
Thomas Stoltzner
Moody’s Jewelry

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